We catch up with Mogi Wa Wa and find out what they have been up to

10 Questions Mogi Wa Wa
Mogi Wa Wa
Mogi Wa Wa

We catch up with Mogi Wa Wa and find out what Matt and Andy have been up to since their Everyone Wants release.  

We asked Mogi Wa Wa


1 – What’s your main music style and what are your influences?

Has to be House as are main sound but like a lot of artists don’t feel we write tracks to fall under one genre as we are tending to lean to a more tech sound of late and have also started some work on some progressive tracks……yeh let’s call it house. Influences of late are Shadow Child, Dusky, Leftwing Kody, Tough London and Camel Phat.


2 – Can you tell us about your recent release with Mixmania Records?

‘Everyone Wants’ started with using an unused vocal of Leanne’s we sampled from another track we did with Leanne a while back. We added guitar and piano we played in live and the track sort of took shape from that. The beat is quite minimal as is the bass but we wanted that and wanted it to feel a bit old school. Matt added the City Fiz remix and we were really pleased when Deano got onboard and produced his remix which is brilliant and totally different from the original.


3 – How do you think you differ from other artists?

I suppose we differ from others in that we both write and produce separately until an idea comes together rather than both sitting in the studio together starting from scratch for each track. Either me or Andy will have an idea and it will bounce back and forth until it gets to near finished and I will give it a final arrangement and mix. Also, Andy plays and writes most songs on piano and guitar so the melody and rhythm can and quite often does start this way. Quite a few of our intros or background sounds are guitar sampled and processed.


4 – How do you think as a music producer you stay relevant in an industry that’s known for changing very rapidly?

How to stay relevant……do your own thing but keep an eye on others.


5  – What do you think your best success to date is with your music productions?

Success! How do you rate success? It’s always nice to be included on compilation albums and get on a chart such as Traxsource/Beatport. DJ support is always great and when you unexpectedly hear your track in a mix, that is a great feeling and we think always will be.


6 – Who else would you love to remix or collaborate with?

We have a few remixes lined up that we can’t say too much about and these artists are definitely a ‘yes please’ having already known and heard their work. One we can mention is a couple of remixes for Disco legend Dee D Jackson. She has been really supportive and gave us access to an unreleased track. So, fingers crossed they all get the go ahead.


7 – Can you tell us about any up and coming projects?

As mentioned, we have a few remixes lined up and plenty more tracks on the go due soon. ‘Do What You Want’ is our next track on Mixmania Records. Matt is also remixing tracks as ‘City Fiz’ and Andy has written an indie rock EP under the name ‘InnSpire’ that has been produced by Matt and is out now.


8 – What are your future Industry predictions?

Predictions for the industry. Yeah if only we knew what lies ahead.


9 – Do you have any advice for new artists?

Advice is to just keep going on. Have small and achievable goals to make. If you are enjoying it why stop. When the DJ drops your track, it will always give you a smile and make your day.


10 – What’s next for you as an artist?

We are looking to do more mixes for Mixcloud and see what happens with our next round of remixes and ep’s/tracks and get back in our studios and start on the next batch of ideas.



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