Based in London, Mixmania Records is an independent record label. We specialize in Deep House, House, Tech House and Techno. From humble beginnings to dreams that surpass the imagination, our story is that of perseverance, aspirations and passion.  What we bring to the table is our own expertise, which makes a difference and affects the fabric and the essence of the music industry.

We are on a hunt, a mission and in search of the best of the best, from the very beginning, we realized that the music industry was saturated and the reality is that it’s becoming more and more difficult for fresh talent to find their way in. Talent, which begs to be recognized, talent, which can break barriers and that one of a kind voice, which can play its own tune.

At Mixmania Records we like to think of ourselves as enablers and a stepping-stone for that young budding musician who wants to make it big. We are all about the music and less so about the drama and glamour. This is evident in our business model which is vested in our philosophy, we care about the fine tuning of music, the quality with which it can be produced and the factor that differentiates it from others in the industry. Focusing on the genres Deep House, House, Tech House and Techno – if you have the gift we combine it with our own expertise to produce the best in music, sound and voice quality. So for all you aspiring musicians and artists out there – if you have what it takes we want to listen in and see what we can do for you.

Stay tuned to us for exciting new releases and upcoming talented artists!