Vladan Krstic is a constant favourite in today’s club scene!

10 Questions with Vladan Krstic
Vladan Krstic

We catch up with Vladan Krstic and find out what he has been up to since his Nine Nine release.  

We asked Vladan Krstic!


1 – What’s your main music style and what are your influences?

Tech house is the music that I found a love for; I’m certainly influenced by new experimental music, authentic synth sounds and a Middle Eastern oriental vibe.


2 – Can you tell us about your recent release with Mixmania Records?

I released a track called ‘’Nine Nine’’ with Mixmania Records, which has changed my life over night by getting so much exposure all over the world. I also released a track called “Mai Mai”, this was an original, euphoric and oriental track releasing this gave me the opportunity to reach even more people, which has boosted my career.


3 – How do you think you differ from other artists?

The difference is my charisma and energy that I bring to my dj sets; I love to entertain and play for a crowd. 

My live performance is full of positive vibes, great music with expression and non-stop


4 – How do you think as a music producer you stay relevant in an industry that’s known for changing very rapidly?

I grew up with the Techno generation at the end of the 90’s. Trends will come and go but good music never dies but Techno is still on top!


5  – What do you think your best success to date is with your music productions?

Getting my music productions signed by Mixmania Records and being able to share it on every music platform available.


6 – Who else would you love to remix or collaborate with?

This would have to be would be Prok & Fitch


7 – Can you tell us about any up and coming projects?

I’ve just finished touring in Greece the Ionian Islands, now the new season is about to start for me in the Middle East, but I have confirmed gigs with Formula 1, Ferrari World, and Red Bull 30×30 those are some of the biggest event events in the World. In the meantime I will still be performing in diverse places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


8 – What are your future Industry predictions?

That’s a tricky, but looking at what is trending right know, the possibility of djs streaming their music during live sets, I can only assume where things might be going certainly looking at what Beatport is up to with their new dj streaming service.


9 – Do you have any advice for new artists?

Yes I have! 

You have a goal? Go for it, 

Improve your skills, work hard and don’t speak about DJing a lot, just do it.


10 – What’s next for you as an artist?

I will be looking at performing more at festivals and to have more DJ tours. Id also like to release more of my productions and make sure everyone has heard them.

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