Ivory Coats Is On The Rise

With his recent release of Solar Flares on Mixmania Records, Ivory Coats has become one of the biggest up and coming electronic music producers on the planet!

Ivory Coats is an Australian electronic music producer, who made the transition from leading punk, rock and pop bands in around 2010, after several years of being in and out of recording studios with his various bands, he started replacing band members with software and this started the beginning of his journey in to producing electronic music, Ivory Coats is dedicated to progressing and pushing musical boundaries within the Tech and Deep House genres.

Coming from a songwriter background and with a strong leaning towards melancholic, emotive and alluring musical passages – Ivory Coats combines melodic beauty with driving deep tech rhythms and seeks to exploit the duality of tension and release.

His key influences include such artists as Zlatnichi, Lewis Boardman, Arche and Audio Go and his signature sound is Deep Tech House. Combining intricate percussive elements, big kicks and subs, arps and vocal cuts all intertwined with ambient melodic motifs and tense electronic builds and drops.

Gaining support from US underground radio shows and local DJs Ivory Coats is on mission to share his music with the world.

We look forward to see what the future holds for Ivory Coats!

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