Groove Affection Radio Show

Dancin’ Mark is a true Connoisseur of deep and energetic dance grooves with diverse beats and vocals blended to create an upbeat, spirited, and positive vibe.

Dancin` Mark’s Radio show Groove Affection is all about House Music with its different styles, sub genres and new music from up and coming producers.

The Groove Affection Radio show is now broadcast bi-weekly and has become one of Chill Lover Radio’s top live broadcasts, which is aired in over 146 countries worldwide.

“For me it’s all about that depth and positive energy found in many diverse styles and formats across the musical spectrum put together much like a gourmet chef puts together a tasty menu. I love playing songs that can be nostalgic, cause you to nod your head, urge you to get up out of your seat and dance, or just put you into a feel-good mood.” Dancin’ Mark

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