DJ KNK Bass Love EP Interview

We catch up with DJ KNK after he opts for a deeper drive and releases his new EP Bass Love on Mixmania Records!

We asked DJ KNK!


1 – What’s your main music style and what are your influences?

Right now the music style I feel most identified with is house and deep house. I really enjoy live music. As for my influences, these come mainly from a great variety of electronic music styles. However, I also enjoy listening to rock music, I love bands like U2 or Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It can be said that a particular feature of electronic music is that you can take any style of music and make it danceable.


2 – You have your debut EP awaiting release on 18/11/16. What’s the name of your EP? And please describe its sound.

I think the Bass Love EP describes quite well the sound I like since I use hard bass with subwoofer to help the groove creating a music that end up getting involved. As I see it, the bass is the soul of the movement in any song. It is my purpose for people not to stop dancing even if it is deep house.

The earth is a little darker track and it has a message that I consider to be very important since we are destroying the planet and our natural resources such as atmosphere, water and land.


3 – Your new EP has created quite a storm since promo releasing it can you tell us more about this, where it has been played out and who has played it?

Well I’m really excited about my first EP since it has created quite a lot of expectations and good reviews among my fellows like Steve Canueto, Jose Gallano, wIld Bill (beachgrooves radio) Dancin Mark (Chill Over Radio New York), or Yan Krow (Loca FM Valencia) who have played my songs on their radio shows.


4 – How has Mixmania Records helped you in getting to the next level of your dj and music production career?

To be honest, I must admit that its support has been very important to me. I am convinced that Mixmania is a record label that will go far because they do not just want to release new tracks but also they have ambition what reflects their desire to advance and grow.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to release my tracks with Mixmania records in addition to their professionalism when it comes to working. They require you to do things professionally, not any image or track will do. It is important that they demand artists so that they have professional image. With them I have made a qualitative jump that I could not imagine.


5 – What’s the best thing about being part of Mixmania Records?

The best thing is they candid manner with artits, it is close and at the same time very professional. Not all the record companies organize meetings with their artists and even less the small companies. This year we went to Birmingham, to BPM and there we were able to exchange impressions, to know each other in person and to exchange knowledge among the artists of the record label. We are like a family in which I would like to be for a long time.


6 – You recently joined the Mixmania Records crew at Birmingham’s BPM 2016 the biggest dj and electronic music event in the world. What did you think of this event and the team?

It was a great experience for me for many reasons. Firstly because I had the opportunity to meet other artists and the managers of the label. At the festival we were able to try new elements for the recording studio and DJ sessions. Also were great the master classes given during the festival. We could learn lots of tips for our next productions.

Having said that, if I had to highlight something special would be the possibility to connect and network with DJs and producers of the highest level and make interesting contacts for the future.


7 – How did you go about getting signed to Mixmania Records?

It was the starting point as a producer, i’m work as producer for some years but no record company answered me and I think the least is to answer. From mixmania records the answer was the same day. But they have not only limited themselves to getting my subjects forward but there is a hard work behind marketing, professionalism and dedication.


8 – Do you have any advice for new artists who want to join Mixmania Records?

Of course, there are a lot of people that are interested in becoming part of Mixmania Records. In fact we just got the great news about Vily Vinyl or Juanje Rodriguez will join us. We hope that many more artists will decide to start releasing tracks with our family.


9 – You have now been appointed head of A&R on the label, what will you be looking for in new artists that want to join the label?

Well for me it was a total surprise, I’m really a rookie producer, but I’ve been a DJ for many years. Now, I have to do that job of selecting the best tracks, something that really excites me. I hope I can help the label as much as possible.


10 – What is the best way to send a demo to Mixmania Records?

Use the demo form on the website and make sure it’s a private Soundcloud link you send, also add a few words about your self.

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