2019 has been a huge break out year for Dj Kepi

Dj Kepi 10 Questions
Dj Kepi
Dj Kepi

We catch up with Dj Kepi and find out what he has been up to since his Jack The House release.  

We asked Dj Kepi!


1 – What’s your main music style and what are your influences?

My main style I would say is House or Tech House with some Breaks in there as well. I have a lot of influences, but to name a few I would say artists such as Aphex Twin, The Orb, Hardkiss Brothers, Future Sound of London were fundamental in the early stages of my music journey. Then names like Stanton Warriors, DJ Icey, Layo & Bushwacka and so many more were part of my influences through the years.


2 – Can you tell us about your recent release with Mixmania Records?

My recent release is entitled “Jack The House”. It’s a rave inspired 90’s house track. I was in this mood of writing a throwback type track but give it some more updated samples and feel. I adapted a 80’s/90’s type arrangement by where the parts of the song flow in and out with less separation or distinguishable breaks. We were all very pleased Jack The House charted in Traxsource and had many club / radio plays from djs all over the world.


3 – How do you think you differ from other artists?

That is a tough question as I feel I mimic and take on other artists styles as influences but then the combination of all those influences at once is where I differ. I like to try to be outside the box in some ways and putting different styles of sounds together that normally you might not choose to combine.


4 – How do you think as a music producer you stay relevant in an industry that’s known for changing very rapidly?

I try to be always thinking in the back of my mind, what could be the next project or sample to use. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music outside the scope of House Music or dance music. I find inspiration from all kinds of places in my day. I feel fresh sounds are key in this industry but I also think production comes down to the mix of sounds/samples used or the orchestration so to speak. It’s like mixing other artists tracks, mixing one record with another is an art and production is similar to me in that aspect.


5  – What do you think your best success to date is with your music productions?

This year has really shown to be more of a breakout year for me. I signed with 5 labels this year including Mixmania Records. 7 tracks released this year so far (5 original / 2 Remixes). I have future releases in the wings. I have been fortunate to get some radio play in the UK as well as some charting on some genre charts on Traxsource and Beatport.


6 – Who else would you love to remix or collaborate with?

So many artists but let’s pick one for this. I would love to remix and/or collaborate with Bushwacka. Skullduggery and the whole Plank Record discography was huge for me in terms of sound and what dance music can be.


7 – Can you tell us about any up and coming projects?

Well, nothing in stone. I was given the green light on 2 tracks for a new label I am releasing with. Release dates unknown right now.


8 – What are your future Industry predictions?

More break out genres I would expect. There is always gonna be this ‘break it down and put it into something else movement’ with dance music. But honestly, who knows, the dance scene in America and other places has changed numerous times. Music is like history…. it repeats itself.


9 – Do you have any advice for new artists?

Practice. Perfect your art perhaps before you put anything out there. First impressions are key when it comes to DJing or showing someone a track. Polished tracks and mixes take time so be patient with your art. Plus, if you can get really good honest feedback from friends/family that helps too I feel.


10 – What’s next for you as an artist?

Taking my production to a higher level is really what’s next for me. Learning and mastering different techniques to make better music and all the while trying to stay true and unique to me.

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