Vily Vinilo Put It Down EP Interview

We catch up with Vily Vinilo and find out what he has been up to since his Put It Down EP release.  

We asked Vily Vinilo!

1 – How did you come up with your name Vily Vinilo?

When I was at school everyone called me Vily but Vinilo comes from Vinil, which is Spanish for vinyl, this came about because I learnt to DJ with vinyl records.


2 – What’s your main music style and what are your influences?

My main music genre is Techno, which has more of a rhino beat that is aimed for the dance floor; my main influences are some of the pioneers in Techno like Richie Hawtin, Umek, Dj Hell and Sven Vath.


3 – You released your Put It Down EP with us? Can you tell us about this and describe its sound?

I wanted to create something different a bit more experimental and step out of my main genre Techno, really just to see how it felt to discover a new style. My EP Put It Down was the first House tracks I’ve released on a label. Put It Down and Back and Up Again was definitely aimed to conker the dance floor.


4 – Your EP created quite a storm since we released it. Can you tell us more about this, where it has been played out and who has played it

Yes, it gained some great feedback from DJs since the promo release went out, it had exclusive airplay on House Sessions Radio and on the Groove Affection radio show which goes out on Chill Lover Radio New York. It has been played out by DJs all over the world, which is incredible.


5 – You have a popular You Tube channel can you tell us more about this?

My You Tube channel is dedicated to underground music; I have videos of my own music productions and videos I make of myself playing live electronic music. My channel became a lot more popular after Livid Instruments shared one of my videos. It’s become a great platform for me to share my love of underground music.


6 – You recently played a set for We Love Raisini at the Pent House in Dubai, Can you tell us about this?

Curro who is Mixmania Records A&R manager brought the event to my attention. I sent the promoters a few of my productions and mixes, which they really liked; I ended up getting booked for a 3-hour set. It was a very special night for me the club is huge and truly amazing.


7 – You have a lot of releases on other labels but one label stands out to us, can you tell us about your release on Natura Viva?

Black Out (Original Mix) was my first release on a big label. The release reached 13 on the Beatport releases chart, this was a big achievement for me and I still love the track, it brings back some very good memories for me.


8 – You had a track recently released on the Minimal Sessions compilation 2, can you tell us about this?

My track Rampage (Original Mix) was included on the compilation album called Minimal Sessions Compilation 2. I´m especially proud of this because there are so many recognised producers from around the world that have also been featured on the compilation.


– Do you have any advice for new artists who want to join Mixmania Records?

Really just go for it, drop a nice email introducing yourself and make sure your music fits with their labels style, sending a private Soundcloud link is best and make sure it’s to an unpublished track that has not been shared around.


10 – What is next for Vily Vinilo?

You never know what the future can bring. The only thing that I know is I´m going to keep making music because I simply love it. Hopefully, someday this will take me to somewhere very special.

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