DETROIT PROJECT Techno Agenda Interview

We catch up with DETROIT PROJECT and find out what they have been up to since their release of  Techno Agenda on Mixmania Records

We asked Detroit Project!

1 – How did you both meet and form the Detroit Project?

We were friends from high school and learnt to DJ together on some old turntables back in the day. I was actually living and DJing in Asia, which was cool! But we were chatting on Skype and both decided that we wanted to set up our own Record Label and get back into producing underground dance music again. I came back to the UK and Detroit Project was born. Within a couple of months we had our first release on a Record Label!


2 – What’s your main music style and what are your influences?

That’s a difficult one because there are so many! We concentrated on house music with little bits of deep house and tech house influence’s. We also come from a hip-hop, drum and bass, soul, funk background. But we are all about quality music made from our hearts!


3 – You Released Techno Agenda with Mixmania Records in August 2106, Can you tell us about this track?

We wanted something harder for when we played out in clubs, something a little more bouncy that was all about the breakdown. We had the idea of using a catchy hook that was talking about house music. After a big studio session Techno Agenda just came together really well. We played it out a couple times and the track just felt right, it was doing some serious damage on the dance floor, people were just loving it. We then dropped it to Dj Ease who offered to release it for us on his new imprint.


4 -You had some other great releases in 2016 on other labels can you tell us about them?

Yea 2016 was a big year for us, we had offers coming in from all over the world, we ended up releasing on. Klaphouse Records from Italy, Miniatures from Spain, but the biggest track for us was Dangerous, which is out on Wired Records based in Brighton UK. We can thank Enzo Siffredi from Wired for the support on that one. We also worked with the underground deep house producer Carnao Beats, which was very cool, and of course releasing Techno Agenda and working with the Mixmania Records crew!


5 – Can you tell us about your Feel EP as it was dubbed a secret weapon and supported by many world-famous djs?

It’s crazy because we make music from our heart and it always seems to be a random track we write and produce that people love. We make tracks that we think are amazing but no one really seems to feel them. When our Feel EP was signed to Miniatures it was a very special day for us. But when Robert Owens a world famous producer and favourite male vocalist of so many dance music fans said, it was his highlight of Nomads festival in Amsterdam it just meant so much to us. But getting a huge spin from house music legend Roger Sanchez was just incredible. The track got so much support from lots of other well-known Djs too.


6 – You have charted tracks in the Traxsource charts before, can you tell us about the tracks and how you felt about this achievement?

We ended up charting our second release with a track called Go on East Recordings it got to about 20, which was a big achievement for us. This really gave us a lot of exposure and momentum, which was great. It also really motivated and inspired us to work even harder.


7 – We really liked your Track Dangerous, which you released on Wired; can you tell us the story behind the track?

Coming from a 90’s hip hop background we wanted to incorporate some old school samples from some classic records onto our new tracks. I had some Biggy Smalls acapellas that we had been playing around with for a while, once we got the hook that worked; it was just a case of nailing the track. We were playing the track in our studio for a good few months and the feedback from our friends and other people was huge – one guy came to our studio and heard it said that on the way home he had to buy the original tune because it was just vibing so much! We decided to master it ourselves and give it out as a free download before Enzo Siffredi heard it and offered to release it for us on Wired.


8 – You started concentrating full time on your music in 2015 can you tell us what’s the best thing about taking your music career more seriously?

It’s very difficult because life gets in the way! It’s just a case of commitment, belief in your ability, dedication and drive. We will always meet closed doors but its just a case of keep going and don’t stop. But when our music is played out heard by people all over the world its just totally amazing.


9 – What do you think your best success to date is with your music productions?

Last year was good to us but early on in the year we started getting support from Marc Radford who is one of London’s most cutting edge selectors, played some of our tracks on Rinse FM, which was just so huge for us! After that we started meeting new people in the industry, which brought some bigger record deals. But getting into the traxsource weekend weapons and breaking the top 20 was a huge highlight for us. It’s also great to see people as passionate about music as we are. This gives us the inspiration we need to continue making our music.


10 – What’s next for the Detroit Project?

We are currently taking a little more time to finish some tracks. Also looking to upgrade our studio, we definitely plan to travel more and DJ as much as possible while continuing to make some fresh tracks! Our first release for 2017 will be on East recordings in March, which were really excited about and maybe another release on Mixmania Records!!


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